Reach Type Battery StackerReach type battery stacker is mainly used for stacking or short-distance conveying of pallets and cargos in storehouses, workshops and more applications. Our reach type battery stacker is available in 1 ton reach type battery stacker, 1.5 ton reach type battery stacker, and 2 ton reach type battery stackers. It is of good energy and working efficiency and is characterized by the following features.

1. Wide view mast.

2. High-tech electric control is adopted, which greatly enhances the reliability of the machine, reduces the noise and minimizes the maintenance.

3. Optional cold-resistant reach type battery stacker is available to work in conditions with a temperature of -35℃.

4. It is small and agile with powerful performance.

5. This reach type battery stacker is equipped with a maximum speed switch.

Parameters of Reach Type Battery Stacker

Model RBS10 RBS15 RBS20
Power type Battery Battery Battery
Rated capacity (kg) 1000 1500 2000
Load center (mm) 500 500 500
Total weight without battery (kg) 1300 1580 2158
Length to fork face (mm) 2305 2305 2305
Overall width (mm) 1020 1020 1020
Height mast lowered (mm) 1710 1710 1965
Lift height (mm) 2500-5000
Lifting Speed with/without load (mm/s) 100/186 100/186 100/186
Travel speed with/without load (mm/s) 5/6
Min. turning radius without/with platform (mm) 1710/2118 1710/2118 1965/2118
Front wheel (mm) φ180×55 φ220×55 φ220×55
Drive wheel (mm) φ230×75 φ230×75 φ230×75
Caster wheel (mm) φ140×60 φ140×60 φ140×60
battery voltage 24V
battery capacity 270AH
battery weight 260KG