• DC Electric Forklift TruckOur DC electric forklift truck is available with a loading capacity ranging from 1.6 to 2.5 tons. In addition, anti-freezing type that can work with a temperature under -35 Celsius degree is also available as option.This electric forklift truck adopts internationally-advanced dual electronic control technology…
  • AC Tri-wheel Electric Forklift TruckOur AC tri-wheel electric forklift truck has adjustable steering wheel that can be turned up to 90 degrees in either direction, resulting in its exceptional maneuverability in tight spaces.The cab has broad space where a driver can rest his feet. It is of antiskid design….
  • AC Electric Forklift TruckDual electronic control technology is adopted in this AC electric forklift truck, resulting in enhanced reliability, decreased noise as well as simple operation and maintenance of the AC electric forklift truck.It is made with high rigidity frame and high visibility mast…
  • Electric Forklift Truck
  • We are a professional electric forklift truck manufacturer, since operation in 1993. Our electric forklift truck is a kind of battery forklift truck, including DC electric forklift truck, AC tri-wheel electric forklift truck, and AC electric forklift truck. It has two distinguished features.
  • 1. Our electric forklift truck generates almost no noise while operation. By adopting SEVCON control systems, superior DC hoist motor, and low-noise gear oil pump, the hoisting noise and traveling noise is ultimately reduced. It is therefore more eco-friendly.

2. It is of high reaction sensitivity. Korean accelerator is adopted for highly efficient working.


1.Which are electric forklift trucks in common use?

Electric forklift trucks mainly include four direction forklift truck, semi-electric stacker, tri-wheel electric forklift truck, counterbalanced forklift trucks, forward forklift truck, tri-wheel mini forklift truck, electric oil tank stacker, DC electric forklift trucks, AC tri-wheel electric forklift trucks, AC electric forklift trucks, just to name a few.

2.What is the different between a manual forklift truck and an electric forklift truck?

A manual forklift truck involves manual operation to lift the or lower the fork. An electric forklift truck can carry out the lifting and lowering operation through the joystick.