• Diesel Forklift Truck 1.5-5 TonThis diesel forklift truck is energy-efficient and eco-friendly.Its center of gravity is suitably and low placed, thanks to the digital imitation technology. In addition to its rigid steel structure, this machine can travel steadily and smoothly with or without load….
  • Diesel Forklift Truck 5-10 TonThis diesel forklift truck is a perfect combination of many quality parts. It has an elegant appearance.It adopts new hydraulic gear box and high torsion transmission system.Updated electronic gear shifting system is adopted for convenient operation….
  • Diesel Forklift Truck 12-25 TonThis diesel forklift truck adopts retracting mast, which reduces the load to the forklift truck, centralizes the loading center and increases the loading capacity.It has super overload capacity, above 25 percent, to satisfy critical safety demands….

Diesel Forklift Truck

We are a professional diesel forklift truck in China. Our diesel forklift truck is available with a loading capacity ranging from 1.5 to 25 tons. It is generally characterized by the following features. 

1. It is highly efficient and eco-friendly.

2. Our diesel forklift truck comes with double damping suspending type structure. By adding 8 shock absorbing mats between the upper truck body and the lower truck body, absolute damping result can be achieved.

3. It is of spacious cab, adjustable meters, and elegant appearance.


1.What can I do to ensure the smooth running of the diesel forklift truck?

1. Check oil level in the crankcase of the engine and the air cleaner, check the fuel level and water level in the radiator. Fill the oil, fuel and water when they are insufficient.

2. Check the electrolyte level of the battery and keep the air vent on the lid clear. Make sure that terminals and the wire joints are firmed connected.

3. Check the free stroke and the conditions of hydraulic brake and manual brake. Fill the brake fluid or exhaust the system if necessary.

4. Check the tires and get rid of the wastes that stick on the tires.

5. Check the oil level and pipelines of the oil tank in the hydraulic system. Make sure that there is no leakage at the joints.

6. Check the water level in the extinguishing box of the diesel forklift truck.

7. Check the working condition of the meters, lights and horns.

8. After the above steps are taken, start the engine and check its running condition. In addition, check the conditions of the transmission system, braking system, hydraulic lifting system and other systems.

2.How frequent should I change the machine oil in my diesel forklift truck?

It is recommended to change the oil every 50 hours during the running in period. In addition, better oil of CD level or above is recommended. For bad working conditions, the oil should be changed if it becomes black or loses its viscosity.